Pharmaland Technologies’ Counting Filling Machines are highly automated, accurate counting machines that are efficient and easy to operate.

A capsule/tablet counting filling machine can reduce labor cost, improve efficiency, and guarantee counting accuracy.

We offer both semi-auto electronic and fully automatic counting filling machines to meet various requirements. Both can be utilized to count accurately and fill round tablets, pills, capsules, softgel capsules, and irregular-shaped pills into containers.


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Fully Automatic machines

Fully Automatic machines’ Technical Parameters

Advantages of fully automatic machines

Tabletop semi-auto counting machine

Semi-Auto Machines’ Technical Parameters

Advantages of semi-automatic machines


Set up the machine

Set up the parameters on PLC, including the filling qty, the transparency threshold, vibrator, etc.

Material filling

Feed the material into the hopper , then the product will move gradually and automatically through vibration to the conveyor belt.

Counting & filling

The machine’s sensor will count the product as it goes through, then counts the number and stores the product according to the set filling quantity, then fills it into the containers.

How does automatic tablet counting and filling machines work?

The automatic counting machine adopts the principle of photoelectric effect to input the working signal generated by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor when the medicine particles fall into the FPGA high-speed microprocessor, and realizes the counting function through the cooperation of the circuit and the program. Suitable for soft and hard capsules and transparent capsules, tablets, pills and other solid granules. The sliding track of the pills adopts a three-layer ladder type, and the pills go downstream layer by layer, and the distance between the pills and the pills will be set according to the program to avoid overlapping. The automatic stop function can be set according to the requirements, and the sound and light alarm is given when the preset number of granules is reached. The automatic tablet counting machine has a wide range of applications in food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industries. It is an advanced high-tech equipment integrating optics, machinery and electronics.

The automatic tablet counting and filling machine is a precision device that can accurately count the number of tablets or pills. It is composed of an automatic feeder, a mainframe, and a discharge port. The automatic feeder continuously feeds the tablets or pills into the mainframe at a constant speed; The mainframe is composed of several parts such as an optical path system, a tablet automatic stop device, and an automatic discharge device; The optical path system is composed of an illumination system and a CCD camera. It can take pictures of tablets or pills at a high speed; The automatic stop device is composed of sensors, actuators and control units. When the number of tablets or pills in the mainframe reaches the set value, the automatic stop device will automatically stop feeding; The automatic discharge device is composed of an actuator and a control unit. When the number of tablets or pills in the mainframe reaches the set value, it will automatically discharge all tablets or pills from the mainframe.

What is a semi-automatic tablet counting machine?

The semi-automatic tablet counting machine is an important piece of equipment for any business that manufactures and sells tablets. This type of machine can be used to count the number of tablets in a batch, as well as to determine the weight and other physical characteristics of the tablets. The semi-automatic tablet counting machine is a valuable tool for quality control and for ensuring that the correct number of tablets are in each bottle or package.

There are several different types of semi-automatic tablet counting machines available on the market, so it is important to choose one that is appropriate for your specific needs. Single-head disc counting machines and desktop quantitative counting machines are two popular options. When selecting a semi-automatic tablet counting machine, it is important to consider the speed and accuracy of the machine, as well as its capacity.

Semi-automatic tablet counting machines can be an invaluable asset for any business that manufactures or sells tablets. By ensuring that the correct number of tablets are in each bottle or package, these machines can help to improve quality control and to prevent potential problems.

What certifications does Pharmaland have?

How are Machines Packed and Shipped?

Standard seaworthy wooden case packing.

If there are any special requirements on packing, we can discuss further.

NOTE: The packaging is not designed for long-term outside storage.

Inner Packaging

Machines are wrapped with plastic film for protection

OUTER Packaging

Standard wood packaging for exporting


Loading goods by forklift


Beijing China
Shenzhen China

What is the warranty on Pharmaland machines?

Pharmaland Technologies proudly stands behind each product sold.

One-year limited warranty and lifetime service are provided.

What successful projects did Pharmatech handle in 20 years?

  • Machines in the project: A fully automated production line, including a coating machine, tablet press machine, filling machine, mixing machine and blister packing line. In 2016, Pharmaland met a prospective new client from Romania, who was a newcomer to the industry, who was skeptical about......

  • Machines in the project: a fully automated production line, including a mixing machine, coating machine, blister packaging machine line, pill press machine, filling machine, counting & packing line, etc. In 2018, an existing Pharmaland supplement client wanted to start supplement production in the USA. It......

  • Machines in the project: mixer, fluid bed dryer, coating machine, hard capsule filling machine, tablet press machine, powder and liquid sachet packing machine and counting line. In 2012, we were awarded a project to rebuild the GMP factory in South Africa which had sustained considerable......

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmaland’s counting machine can be used for counting various kinds and shapes of solid objects, tablets, capsules, softgels, pills, gummies, etc. 

The product size should normally be within the range of 3–22mm. count range, normally within 3~22mm.

Yes, we have extensive experience customizing counting filling lines, helping many clients build their own production. Once we know your requirements, we will provide a comprehensive solution.

Based on your intended counting speed and budget, you can choose a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine. 

Then, choose the suitable model, based on the product’s size, bottle size, and counting speed. 

Of course, you should consider the supplier’s strength, experience, and credibility. experience, and credibility into consideration.

The exterior shell is made of SUS304, and parts that come in contact with product material are made of SUS 304 or SUS 316 according to customer’s request. All materials fully conform to GMP requirements.

We offer a variety of machines to meet your needs—all as turnkey solutions. 

Our professional service team can provide technical service both from China and Canada to customers anywhere in the world. 

The design of each machine conforms with GMP requirements. 

We can provide full documentation, such as IQ, OQ, PQ, DQ, and CE certificates. 

We adhere to a strict quality control system, with careful in-process quality control and pre-shipment inspection to ensure that all machines shipped out are in excellent working condition.

 We will supply a manual and a guidance video. If needed, onsite installation and training by one or two technicians can be arranged.

Turnkey solutions for Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Machines

Pharmaland company review

Pharmaland Technologies is a technology-based subsidiary of PAG Group, integrating manufacturing and trade, that specializes in supplying pharmaceutical and packaging machines.

The predecessor of PAG group is Honson Pharmatech, established in Canada in 1995. 

Pharmaland mainly provides comprehensive solutions for manufacturers of all sizes, providing safe, GMP-compliant “turnkey” engineering equipment. With rich experience in pharmaceutical production, we not only provide customers with suitable machinery, but also provide suggestions for common processes.

We export machines worldwide, including Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

Our machines have passed ISO 9001 quality system certification and CE certification.
”Quality First, Service Oriented” is our business philosophy. We are committed to providing high-quality pharmaceutical and packaging equipment and solutions for global manufacturers.