With years of manufacturing experience, Pharmaland Technologies provides comprehensive solutions for softgel encapsulation production lines. Our professional technical team ensures that all machines are designed and manufactured with advanced technology, using high-quality materials to to deliver high-precision processing facilities for our clients.


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Gelatin Material Preparation

Mix gelatin, water, glycerin, colorants and other auxiliary materials using the prescribed gelatinizing equipment, boiling the gelatin liquid to a state that is suitable for pressing softgel capsules.

Filling material preparation

Prepare the material to be filled into the softgel utilizing a dispensing tank, colloid mill, emulsifying tank or other equipment.

Softgel encapsulation

As the machine starts running and the gelatin reaches the die, the machine injects filling material. Then the softgel ribbon seals together to produce the final sealed capsules.


After encapsulation, the capsules are conveyed to the tumble dryer to remove the moisture, and then to the drying tunnel to fully dry the softgels.

Inspection & Sorting

Inspect the finished softgel capsules on inspection table or inspection machine to get rid of the unqualified ones before packaging.

What is a softgel encapsulation machine?

A softgel encapsulation machine is a device that helps in the process of making softgels. These softgels are then filled with either a liquid or extract form of medicine. The machine works by first sealing the softgel and then filling it with the appropriate amount of liquid or extract. This helps to create a specified dosage for each softgel. There are various shapes and sizes that the softgels can be made in, depending on the needs of the patient. The softgel encapsulation machine is a vital piece of equipment for those who need to take medication in softgel form.

The machine itself is not very complicated to use. First, the operator will need to select the size and shape of the softgel that is needed. Next, the operator will need to fill the softgel with the appropriate amount of liquid or extract. Finally, the operator will need to seal the softgel. This process is relatively simple and does not take much time. The softgel encapsulation machine is a great way to create softgels that are easy to take and that contain the correct dosage of medication.

How are softgels inspected & sorted?

In softgel manufacturing, quality control is of the utmost importance. The capsules must be inspected for defects and sorted accordingly. This process helps to ensure that only the highest quality softgels are sent out for consumption. There are a few different ways to inspect and sort softgels. One method is to do it by hand. Inspectors will sit at a table and sort through the softgels, looking for any that are chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. These softgels will then be set aside and discarded. The remaining softgels will be sent on for packaging. Another way to inspect softgels is to use an inspection machine. These machines are designed to sort softgels automatically. The softgels are fed into the machine and then sorted according to preset criteria. Any softgels that do not meet the criteria will be discarded. This method is faster than hand inspection, but it is also more expensive. No matter which method is used, it is important to make sure that only the highest quality softgels are sent out for consumption. This helps to ensure the safety of those who take them and also helps to maintain the reputation of the softgel manufacturer.

What is the key component of an encapsulation machine?

An encapsulation machine is a device that encapsulates or coats a substance in order to protect it from the environment. The key component of an encapsulation machine is the encapsulating material, which can be a polymer, metal, or other material. This material coats or encapsulates the substance being protected, forming a barrier between it and the environment. Encapsulation machines can be used to protect food, drugs, and other substances from moisture, light, oxygen, and other environmental factors.

What certifications does Pharmaland have?

How are Machines are Packed and Shipped?

Standard seaworthy wooden case packing.

If there are any special requirements on packing, we can discuss further.

NOTE: The packaging is not designed for long term outside storage.

Inner Packaging

Machines are wrapped with plastic film for protection

OUTER Packaging

Standard wood packaging for exporting


Loading goods by forklift


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What is the warranty on Pharmaland machines?

Pharmaland Technologies proudly stands behind each product sold.

One-year limited warranty and lifetime service are provided.

What successful projects did Pharmatech handle in 20 years?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clients usually order the softgel encapsulation machine together with softgel polisher, sorting machine, inspection machine, or some mixing tanks. When you share with us what functions you need, we can provide a comprehensive solution. kinds of function you need, then we can provide the comprehensive solutions.

Our machines can encapsulate a variety of shapes softgels, such as cylindrical, round, oval, and tubular.

We will supply a manual and a guidance video. If needed, onsite installation and training by one or two technicians can be arranged.

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Pharmaland company review

Pharmaland Technologies is a technology-based subsidiary of PAG Group, integrating manufacturing and trade, that specializes in supplying pharmaceutical and packaging machines.

The predecessor of PAG group is Honson Pharmatech, established in Canada in 1995.

Pharmaland mainly provides comprehensive solutions for manufacturers of all sizes, providing safe, GMP-compliant “turnkey” engineering equipment. With rich experience in pharmaceutical production, we not only provide customers with suitable machinery, but also provide suggestions for common processes.

We export machines worldwide, including Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

Our machines have passed ISO 9001 quality system certification and CE certification.
”Quality First, Service Oriented” is our business philosophy. We are committed to providing high-quality pharmaceutical and packaging equipment and solutions for global manufacturers.