Generally speaking, there are two kinds of granulating methods, wet granulation and dry granulation. Wet granulating requires the use of granulating liquid while dry granulating does not.

Pharmaland Technologies offers both dry granulator and wet granulator equipment. Wet process granulators are available in two configurations: high efficiency wet process and fluid bed drye


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Fluid bed dryer Granulator

This machine is applicable for the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries, as a primary method of solid preparation. It is used to produce multiple granules, large granules, dense granules, instant porous granules, and dry materials in powder, granules, or paste. It is one of the preferred methods for pelletizing and drying for presence.


This machine contains a main engine and an auxiliary engine, with five systems, including cooling hot-air system, air purification system, charging and discharging system, automatic control system and air pipe line.

During the operation, the materials are added into the hopper, and heated to the boiling state by the purified hot air (negative pressure) from the bottom of the pelletizing chamber. Meanwhile, the granules are dried by the hot airflow, forming into ideal, porous and homogeneous ones. The whole process is conducted in airtight conditions.


Convenient operation, stable performance and rational structure. Adopts the PLC automatic control, with 8 featured functions:

  • The boiling materials can be rotated in 360°, without dead angles.
  • Allows automatic airtight charging and discharging.
  • Utilizes heat preservation and insulation structure.
  • Prevents materials from sticking to the barrel.
  • Advanced filtration and gathering to ensure leak-resistance (grouping bag type and sintered stainless steel type). A divided structure is used in the main engine for easier assembly and disassembly. The main engine can be linked directly with the former or latter equipment conveniently.

The main engine can be linked directly with the former or latter equipment conveniently.

The out frame utilizes a ladder-type structure, resulting in convenient processing and maintainance.

It fully conforms with the GMP requirements of the pharmaceuitical industry.

Fluid bed dryer Granulator Technical Parameters

High efficiency wet process granulator

Wet type granulators, also called wet mixing granulators are dedicated equipment used for the wet mixing granulating of powder, starch, adhesives and cream in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.


This is a newly designed machine which better meets the technical requirements of solid preparation production. It is made of austenitic stainless steel and equipped with an operating platform, stairs and a safety fence.

It has PLC and frequency speed controls.

Technical parameters can be designed according to the requirements of the users, with authentic reliable and original records.

It can either work separately or together with a matched line.

It fully conforms to the requirements of the GMP of the pharmacy industry.

Principle of operation

Due to both the adequate stirring from the bottom and the adhesives (or cream) sprayed by pressure, the materials in the cone container are mixed into a moist and soft state. The high-speed cutting tool on the side turns the materials into uniform granules. The granules are straightened during the discharging of the material. By changing the screen, different granules can be made.

The main barrel: The tangential structure between the cylinder and the cone is good for stirring materials. The optimized angle between the stirring paddle and the parting tool ensures the optimized effect of mixing and granulating.

The cutting tool is installed aslant to the straight wall of the barrel, which increases the contacting area between the parting tool and the materials and improves the uniformity of the granules. Furthermore, the aslant installation of the parting tool can prevent the materials from being sprayed onto the cover of the barrel, avoiding the problem of the traditional cutting in older designs.

  • The efficiency of every new batch can be 4 to 5 times higher than that of the traditional technique.
  • The whole granulating process of dry mixing and wet mixing is completed in the same airtight container, reducing the amount of adhesives by 25% and some drying time when compared with the traditional one.
  • Operation control system: a computer with a touch screen stores the technical data of several processes. The frequency speed of the parting tool allows free adjustment of its revolving speed, thus meets the requirements of different granulating.

Wet process granulator Technical Parameters

What is the function of granulator making machines?

The granulator making machines are responsible for a number of tasks in the production process.

  1. They improve the fluidity of fine powder,
  2. prevent the segregation of multi-component drugs,
  3. prevent dust from flying in production,
  4. and help maintain uniform pressure transfer during the production of tablet press.                                            These machines play an important role in ensuring that products meet quality standards and are safe for consumption. By performing these tasks, granulator making machines play a vital role in ensuring that products meet quality standards and are safe for consumers.

How does dry granulation work?

The dry granulation method has the advantage of being able to mix powders of different compositions and properties evenly. In addition, this method is suitable for drugs that are difficult to be added in solution or suspension form. The dry granulation process is also advantageous in that it can reduce dust generation and improve working conditions. However, this method has the disadvantage of being time-consuming and requiring a certain level of skill.

The dry granulation process is generally divided into two steps: compaction and milling. In the compaction step, the powder mixture is compressed into a desired shape. In the milling step, the compact is pulverized and granulated to the desired particle size.

The dry granulation method has been used for centuries in the preparation of traditional Chinese medicines. In recent years, this method has been increasingly used in Western countries due to its advantages.

If you are interested in learning more about dry granulation, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss this topic with you in further detail.

What is the difference between wet and dry granulation?

Dry granulation and wet granulation are both methods of preparing granules. In dry granulation, the raw material is compressed into granules without adding any water or binders. In wet granulation, a binder is added to the drug powder and the powder is agglomerated by the bridge or cohesion of the binder to prepare granules. Subsequent drying is required. dry granulation is a simpler process and does not require the addition of any binders or other materials, while wet granulation may be necessary for some drugs. Ultimately, the choice of granulation method depends on the properties of the raw material and the desired characteristics of the finished product.

What certifications does Pharmaland have?

How are Machines Packed and Shipped?

Standard seaworthy wooden case packing.

If there are any special requirements on packing, we can discuss further.

NOTE: The packaging is not designed for long term outside storage.

Inner Packaging

Machines are wrapped with plastic film for protection

OUTER Packaging

Standard wood packaging for exporting


Loading goods by forklift


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What is the warranty on Pharmaland machines?

Pharmaland Technologies proudly stands behind each product sold.

One-year limited warranty and lifetime service are provided.


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