Mixers are designed to mix powder or granule materials, which are widely used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Because there are so many kinds of materials and mixing methods, multiple designs are required.

Pharmaland’s mixers are designed and manufactured to meet GMP requirements. Types of mixers include: V-type mixer, single-arm mixer, double cones Mixer, three-dimensional motion mixer, ribbon mixer, and single-column mixer.

Mixing Machine

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V-type mixing machine

The V-type mixer offers the advantages of more uniform mixing, high efficiency, low power consumption, simple operation, etc. Widely used in dry powder granular mixing for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Technical Parameters

Single-arm multi-directional motion mixer

Widely used for material mixing in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, plastic, ceramics and other industries. It has the advantages of high mixing uniformity, good fluidity, and high capacity. It is capable of mixing particles and powders with different humidity, softness and specific gravity. Features: the mixer has a unique design, high production capacity, fine polishing, high material mixing uniformity, no pollution, no dead angle, no surplus material, easy cleaning, attractive design.

Technical Parameters

Three-dimensional motion Mixer

Suitable for mixing dry-powder material for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. It mixes evenly and quickly, even when using different proportions and fineness of materials.


The mixing tank that comes into contact with the materials is made of quality stainless steel, with both inside and outside of the tank mirror polished.

Because the mixing tank performs a multi-directional movement, it delivers high mixing uniformity—better than that of a more conventional mixer.

The shape of the mixing tank is designed so that it has no death corner.

The discharge of materials is more complete, so there is no accumulation. Thus, it is easy to clean.

The materials are mixed in completely enclosed, so there is no contamination to the working environment and materials.

Technical Parameters

Single Column Blender

The machine is widely used in such industries as medicine, food, chemical industry, dairy products, etc. Its structural performance is equivalent to that of similar international products.

Working Principle

The mixing hopper is pushed into the gyrator arm and the nut is locked. The control system is started and the hopper is lifted to the mixing height. The control system carries out automatic mixing according to the set time, rotation speed, and other data. After the mixing operation is finished, it settles at the horizontal position. The hopper automatically falls to the ground, the machine stops and processes, pushing the hopper out and transferring it to the next procedure.

Technical Parameters

Double cones mixer

This machine can be used for uniform mixing of dry powder or granular materials with good fluidity, with no dissolution, volatilization or deterioration of materials during the mixing process.

The design delivers high mixing efficiency and simpler operation. The mixing cylinder has a unique structure, high mixing efficiency, and no dead angle. The cylinder is made of stainless steel, the inner and outer walls are polished, the appearance is beautiful, the mixing is uniform. It conforms to the GMP standard.

It can be equipped with a forced agitator according to customer requirements, which is suitable for mixing finer powder and block materials with a certain amount of moisture.

Working Principle

This machine mainly consists of the mixing barrel, frame, transmission system, electrical system, and other parts. It uses a barrel with small cones at both ends of the barrel and a large, asymmetrical barrel in the middle, mixing by gravity. The material is continuously accumulated in the barrel. It continuously disperse, generally mixing for about 15 minutes, so that two or more powder and granular materials are uniformly mixed. It is especially suitable for mixing two or more materials with large disparity in specific gravity. The mixing uniformity reaches 99% or more.

The inner and outer walls of the mixing cylinder are precisely polished. The surface is smooth and flat, with no dead angle, and easy to clean. During the working process of the transmission system, there is no vibration, no noise, and easy maintenance. The electrical control is precise and sensitive. The stainless steel butterfly valve is used to discharge the material, and there is no leakage and no dust flying.

Technical Parameters

What is powder mixer?

A powder mixer is a device that uses mechanical force and gravity to mix two or more materials evenly. The powder mixer consists of a cylindrical container with paddles mounted on a shaft inside the container. The paddles help to keep the powder in suspension while the contents are mixed.

Powder mixers are used in a variety of industries, such as the food industry, where they are used to mix ingredients for products such as cake mix and icing sugar. They are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to mix powder medication.

Powder mixers come in a variety of sizes and can be either handheld or floor-standing. The size of the mixer will depend on the amount of powder that needs to be mixed.

Powder mixers are an essential piece of equipment for any business that uses powder in their products. If you are looking for a powder mixer, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first is the type of powder you will be mixing. The second is the amount of powder you need to mix. And the third is the size of the mixer you need.

Once you have considered these factors, you can then begin to look at different powder mixers on the market and find one that suits your needs.

When it comes to powder mixing, there are two main types of powder mixers: rotary and planetary. Rotary powder mixers work by rotating the mixing container on a horizontal axis. The powder is added to the container and as it rotates, the powder is mixed evenly. Planetary powder mixers work by rotating the mixing container on a vertical axis. The powder is added to the container and as it rotates, the powder falls to the bottom of the container and is mixed evenly.

Why is high speed required for mixing equipment?

The main reason why high speed is required for mixing equipment is because of the nature of the materials being mixed. Some materials are very light and need to be mixed quickly so that they don’t settle at the bottom of the container. Other materials are very viscous and need to be mixed slowly so that they don’t form clumps. And still other materials are somewhere in between.

Different mixing equipment is designed for different speeds. Some mixers can only operate at high speed, while others can operate at a range of speeds. Choosing the right mixer for your needs is important. If you’re mixing light materials, you’ll need a high-speed mixer. If you’re mixing viscous materials, you’ll need a low-speed mixer. And if you’re mixing materials that are somewhere in between, you’ll need a mixer that can operate at a range of speeds.

The speed of the mixer is just one factor to consider when choosing mixing equipment. Other factors include the size and shape of the mixing vessel, the type of impeller, and the power source. But the speed is an important factor to consider, because it can have a big impact on the mixing process.

What are the 5 types of mixing equipment?

There are a variety of mixing equipment options available on the market to suit the needs of different industries.

  • V-type mixing machines are commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries due to their ability to mix large quantities of material quickly and evenly.
  • Single-multi-directional mixing machines are ideal for mixing small batches of materials, as they provide a high degree of control over the mixing processes
  • Three-dimensional motion mixers are often used in the chemical industry, as they allow for a more complete mixing of materials.
  • Single column blenders are commonly used in the cosmetics industry, as they provide a gentle mixing action that is ideal for delicate ingredients.
  • Double cones mixers are typically used in the pharmaceutical industry, as they provide a high degree of mixing accuracy and precision. With so many different types of mixing equipment available, it is important to choose the right type of mixer for your specific application.

What certifications does Pharmaland have?

How are Machines Packed and Shipped?

Standard seaworthy wooden case packing.

If there are any special requirements on packing, we can discuss further.

NOTE: The packaging is not designed for long-term outside storage.

Inner Packaging

Machines are wrapped with plastic film for protection

OUTER Packaging

Standard wood packaging for exporting


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What is the warranty on Pharmaland machines?

Pharmaland Technologies proudly stands behind each product sold.

One-year limited warranty and lifetime service are provided.

What successful projects did Pharmatech handle in 20 years?

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